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September 11, 2009 / Monsieur D

Leading watch manufacturers continue to offer new models in platinum

Platinum watches showcases limited-edition platinum watches from some of the most prestigious watch manufacturers who have launched a new top of the range platinum model for 2009-2010. At a time when non-essential and luxury goods have suffered a considerable downturn, the shiny discretion of pure platinum continues to triumph.

Beyond the financial value that it brings, the intrinsic value of platinum also allows watch companies to convey their own values of excellence and craftsmanship. Naturally white and highly durable, platinum will maintain its promise over time, enduring the wear and tear of the years. Only such a noble metal can mark grand occasions.
2009 presented many such occasions with, amongst others, the launch of Bulgari’s commemorative series celebrating 125 years of the company, or the series created by Omega to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first landing on the Moon.

The strongest of settings, platinum is also used by brands such as Harry Winston or Boucheron to hold diamonds and precious gems in place, or as a frame for enamels, as is done to perfection by Jaeger-LeCoultre, Ulysse Nardin and Van Cleef & Aprels.

A platinum watch case offers added value to watchmakers, emphasising the special nature of each movement and protecting it with its solid sheen. It is then no coincidence if luxury brands turn to platinum, adding a touch of magic to their most exclusive watches, boasting tourbillions and other important mechanical complications.


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