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October 30, 2009 / Monsieur D

Your Christmas platinum wish list…

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Before you’ve had time to polish off your wish list, once again Christmas has crept up on you. So you’ve asked your sister to get you something to spice up your aging wardrobe, and your parents for vouchers or money to buy flat stuff… but when it comes to the all important gift from your man, you know exactly what you want!

It’s been a steady 3 year progression, from dating and dining, right through to moving in together. And now you’ve set up your love nest, there’s just one thing missing… and no, it’s not Sky sports! It’s something small (or not so) and sparkly.

You’ve talked to each other about making it official, and you’ve been imagining the moment when he asks for months… and what better time than when you’re enjoying festivities with all of your family and friends? So you’ve casually done some research and know for sure that you want something set in platinum… it’s known as the ‘king of metals’ after all!

You’d hope he knows you well enough to suss what style, size and rock you’d like, but it’s always worth making sure he’s on the right track by dropping little hints here, there and, well, everywhere! Get your best mate involved to subtly steer him in the right direction. Or perhaps you could, oops, leave the laptop open on We stock a whole load of designs to suit all different tastes and budgets, but the one thing each piece has in common is its platinum setting.

The purest of precious metals used in jewellery and 30 times rarer than gold, platinum is the perfect choice for a special occasion, and you know you’re on to something good when celebs and royals alike are all choosing it too! But it’s not just a seasonal trend, Platinum is durable as well as hypoallergenic, so it’s ideal for all skin types, and will last forever. So take a leaf out of Rachel Stevens’ book and make sure he chooses platinum for his proposal!


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