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November 13, 2009 / Monsieur D

“Million dollar” platinum shoe honored

“Million dollar” platinum shoe honored with official postage stamp from Spain.

Renowned American women’s shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has created the first ever “Million Dollar” platinum shoe adorned with 464 Kwiat diamonds with a total carat weight of 61.92, on a platinum mesh frame. The creation of the shoe was a collaboration between Platinum Guild International, Kwiat Diamonds and Stuart Weitzman. Stuart Weitzman only wanted the best, so he looked to use platinum and Kwiat diamonds to create this one of a kind shoe. The natural whiteness of platinum brings out the true sparkle of the diamonds and ensures they will be held securely. One of the many reasons that platinum is regarded as the most precious metal is because it is 95% pure and 30 times more rare than gold.

Stuart Weitzman was honored by the Spanish government with a country postage stamp featuring his very first “Million Dollar Platinum Shoe” for use in all Spanish territories. Stuart Weitzman’s stamp bears his name and is emblazoned with his memorable Hollywood red carpet creation – the first “Million Dollar Shoe”. Held at the National Shoe Museum in Elda, Spain, Weitzman was feted during an event marking the 50th anniversary of the internationalization of the Spanish shoe industry, whose center is in the area of Alicante. Elda is a city with a long and fascinating history and is often referred to as Spain’s shoe making capital and where Weitzman’s factories have been located for the past 37 years.



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  1. air yeezy / Apr 21 2010 6:25 am

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  2. Platinum Inspiration / Apr 21 2010 8:06 am

    Dear air yeezy, thank you for your kind comment and for your ocntribution.The PGI team

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