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December 2, 2009 / Monsieur D

Award-Winning Platinum Jewellery at GIA Museum

After touring the world, Platinum Guild International USA is proud to introduce the platinum Aqua Collection and highlights of the Plat Africa collection to the U.S. market in the first-ever “Best of Platinum” exhibit to be held at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) world headquarters in Carlsbad, California.

This exhibition marks the first time all of the pieces comprising the Aqua Collection will be showcased together. As a result, the GIA has opened its doors to make this exhibition open to the public.
The Best in Platinum exhibit runs until April 30, 2010. The exhibit is held in the exquisite main Rotunda Gallery at the GIA, a nonprofit institution and leading authority in gemology, jewellery education, research and diamond grading.
“PGI is thrilled to have the Aqua Collection and select winning Plat Africa pieces in the U.S. for the first time. Each of these pieces capture the intrinsic beauty and versatility of platinum and showcase talented designers across the world,” said James Courage, Platinum Guild International’s chief executive officer (CEO). “We are honored and excited the exhibit will be held at the distinguished Gemological Institute of America for all to appreciate.”
Platinum Guild International began to commission one-of-a-kind statement necklaces to create the Aqua Collection in 2004 as a way to showcase the beauty, durability and prestige of platinum. They chose “water” as the theme because research revealed that it was the element consumers most associated with the precious metal.
The Aqua Collection is made up of four distinct pieces representing four countries, all of which will be featured at the exhibit:
Italy — “AQUA,” the first necklace commissioned for the collection, created by Italian designer Orlando Orlandini

Japan — “SHIBUKI” by Yuka Kobayashi of the Kuwayama Corporation in Japan China — “JIANG” by Hong Kong designer Chu Wai OnIndia —“IRAJA” by India’s Arunima Bhaumik of Ganjam Jewellers.

The prestigious Plat Africa pieces showcased are the winning designs from a design and manufacturing competition that engages South African jewellery designers and local design students to showcase their creativity and originality in platinum. The year 2009 marks the tenth year of this competition, which celebrates the wealth of incredible talent within the South African jewellery industry.

The Best in Platinum exhibition features six award-winning pieces from the collection, including:
• Platinum Shields by Linki Van Zyl;
• Platinum Pearls by Annika Harms, inspired by the theme “Platinum Vows”;
• Platinum arum lily with gold stamen by Chris van Rensburg;
• Platinum and wood ring by Anneke Pienaar;
• Platinum poppy day brooch by Gunevere Stockwell; and
• Platinum neckpiece with three circular shapes with colored stones by Thuto Pule.
In addition to the Aqua and Plat Africa collections, the exhibit showcases several other award-winning platinum pieces by the designers Kirk Kara, Danhov, Mark Schneider, Michael B, Gurhan, Lisa Kirkawa and Tom Munsteiner.
GIA Museum viewings are free and available to the public through scheduled tours. Visitors must sign up for a tour by contacting or calling 800.421.7250 extension 4116.
Outside of the U.S., interested visitors can call 760.603.4116 or visit for more information.

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