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December 9, 2009 / Monsieur D

Platinum glory matches the uniqueness of GBF concept car

The launch of OVER P001 GBF, a jewel of a car with sleek contours, platinum fittings and an engine with an extraordinary heritage. This guest of honour at Valenza Gioielli 2009 is a unique car that bridges past and present, whilst its design, mechanics and materials are the future. Its claim that “the future is OVER” is indeed true. The name of the vehicle, OVER P001 GBF – hints at the extraordinary features of this concept car. The initials will appeal to more than just car lovers: GBF stands for González-Bizzarrini under the signs of Future.

The platinum mascot: its shape draws the wind and the initials GB stand for González-Bizzarini.

José Froilán González is a great Argentinian pilot with a special place in the memories of Ferrari lovers as he has been the first to bring the Maranello red car to F1 success at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1951. Known as the “Pampas Bull” because of his bold driving style, González has competed in many other events in Europe and Argentina as well as F1, affirming his natural talent for motor racing. At the end of the 1950s González stopped racing in Europe, returning to his beloved Argentina, where he won many races. His car had a Chevrolet Corvette engine, modified on purpose, and with modifications that were in accordance with motor racing regulations. His single seater competed in, and won, 18 grands prix increasing the renown of the driver and confirming the exceptional nature of his car.
Following a long search, the engine was finally located in South America. This was the first step of a plan that aimed to produce a unique prototype, entrusting the design to one of the greatest experts in the field, engineer Giotto Bizzarrini. This resulted in a highly unusual chassis with oval pipes. The OVER P001 GBF is the first car in the world with copper bodywork and has a sleek, streamlined, sublime design: the bodywork draws the wind. Two seats, plus one, no roof or doors and an engine of more than 300hp, the car’s transparent floor gives passengers the thrill of speed. It is the interior of the vehicle, however, with its unique fittings, which is so impressive. Platinum, the most pure and rare precious metal has been used to create the car’s trimmings. This magnificent metal has been used on the steering wheel and to cap the gearstick as well as on the starshaped switches on the dash-board. On the exterior of the vehicle, platinum has been used to create the logo on the car’s nose, the mascot, the petrol and oil caps and the wheels hub caps. It is the exhaust system that is the real masterpiece, the pipes are linked internally with non-polluting platinum catalytic converters. These platinum components are an integral part of the car, increasing its originality and luxury appeal. The choice of this noble metal, platinum, is due to its exceptional attributes that match the uniqueness of the car. In addition, platinum is the most enduring noble metal. Its higher density ensures its durability. All metals experience some wear and tear, but with platinum this is a result of compression not dispersal. It is because this metal never loses mass or weight that a 0.0039 metre platinum cylinder is used as the international standard for a kilogram, it is stored at the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (France). One reason why platinum is regarded as the purest precious metal is because the alloy used to create jewellery is 95% pure. It is also incredibly rare, much more so than gold. It is estimated that if all the gold in the world were melted down, it would fill three Olympic swimming pools, whilst platinum poured into one pool would only reach your ankles. It is this purity and rarity that make platinum the perfect metal for the symbolic solitaire and wedding rings on display at Valenza. Amongst the other beautiful platinum jewels on display are gem-studded pieces with the stones held by the most durable metal. Platinum is also highly versatile and is perfectly suited for the creations of the jewellers of Valenza. Platinum, with its history dating back over two billion years, and the OVER P001 GBF are the perfect link between the past and the future.

Montevideo (Uruguay), Autodromo El Pinar, 1960: José Froilán González on a Ferrari 625 with a modified Chevrolet Corvette engine is rushing towards the finishing line, winning the Torneiro Triangular Sul-Americano for the second time.

24 Hours de Le Mans, 1954: José Froilán González (fourth from the right) sitting for the group photo after winning the historical endurance race, the first won by Ferrari in international contests prototypes sport.

Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casa Rosada, José Froilán González (third from the left) with Evita Perón, in the middle, between her husband Juan Domingo Perón (right) and Juan Manuel Fangio.

After 40 years José Froilán González is again in front of “his” Corvette engine mounted on Ferrari 625 GP, with which he won 18 races.

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