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January 8, 2010 / Monsieur D

Platinum Day of Love™ TV ad named Top 10 Best Ads of 2009

NDTV Profit, India’s leading business news channel, has included Platinum Guild International’s Platinum Day of Love™ as one of the top ten Indian TV commercials in their much anticipated yearly “All About Ads countdown 2009”.

“Platinum Day of Love™” introduces the concept of a very special day for married couples to commemorate and acknowledge the day they found true love – and, more importantly, each other – with Platinum Love Bands™, rings crafted from platinum, the rarest and purest of precious metals.
The commercial shows a married couple sitting at a railway station waiting for the train. The woman begins reminiscing about the time of her marriage, when everything about her wedding was ‘arranged’ by everyone around her. She comes back to the present when the train enters the railway station and she readies to enter it. Suddenly, she feels lost because she can’t seem to spot her husband. Almost panicking, she heaves a sigh of relief after she spots him amidst the crowd. At that point, both, the man and the woman, seem to realise how much they love each other.
Speaking to Campaign India, Narayan Kumar, director and chief creative officer, Metal Communications said, “The task was to take brand Platinum from its strong but regional presence and make it truly all-India. Since there has always been a traditional relationship between jewellery and marriages in India, the challenge was to find a genuinely new emotional and real ‘connect’.
As is evidenced by the growth of matrimonial websites today, arranged marriages in India are truly alive and well. In a true inversion of what obtains internationally -fall in love and get married – a majority of India still goes by getting married first and finding love next. The moment or day of finding love is often more important to the couple than their date of engagement or even their wedding day. We christened such a day the Platinum Day of Love. It is the couple’s own special day discovered for themselves by themselves and not decided upon by elders or anyone else.”



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  1. Anonymous / Feb 11 2010 12:20 pm

    what is the cost of those rings

  2. Platinum Inspiration / Feb 11 2010 12:33 pm

    Click on the link below to discover all the designs available. price range is: Rs 30000 < 2 Lac

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