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April 16, 2010 / Monsieur D

New platinum watch from Grieb & Benzinger

A new platinum watch based on classic creations of the past has been unveiled by Grieb & Benzinger.

Simply called ‘Platinum’, the watch has been handcrafted to recreate the magic of timepieces by Patek Philippe from approximately a century ago.

With a 48mm diameter case, it is built with 130g of platinum, while other features include a minute repeater movement and a regulator.
Grieb & Benzinger said: “This unique watch concept means pure luxury, exclusivity and uniqueness combined with historical watch making.
“The conception is based on traditional – and nowadays very rare – techniques of craftsmanship for the finishing of the movements: skeletonising, engraving and guilloche by hand.”

Only one watch is being made, meaning it is sure to get the attention of horologists around the world.

Jaermann & Stubi recently unveiled a line of limited edition platinum watches based on the legendary Old Course at St Andrews, designed to celebrate the 150th Open Championship anniversary this year.


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