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April 21, 2010 / Monsieur D

Vertu creates platinum phones

Platinum is one of the precious materials highlighted in a peek into the world of luxury phones.

In an article for the New York Times, Amy Wallace looks at the “communications devices” from Vertu, which makes high-end phones combining style, functionality and beauty.

The phones sell from anything between $5,000 and $325,000, making them suitable for only the wealthiest of customers, and are made of precious metals such as platinum, as well as incorporating diamonds, leather and sapphire.

A designer from the company points out that devices such as mobile phones, which are used and carried by everyone, should be stylish, just like a watch.

The author says: “Vertu phones feel good in the hand. They’re just heavy enough to connote solidity, but not so heavy that they drag down your jacket pocket. They flip open with a slow, exacting movement.”
While Vertu makes new phones with platinum, the precious metal has also been integrated into other handsets, such as the Nokia Supreme by British designer Stuart Hughes.


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